Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now I have my very own website

Yes, my friends, it is true: I now have my very own website. While I've had it for a few weeks now, I guess I haven't been making as big a fuss about it as I should. But, the time has come, and now so will the fuss making!

I've often found it hard to think of a website as a "real" thing. Does that make sense? I mean how often do we talk about cyber space as not being the "real world"? It's as if what goes on in cyber space isn't real, or not as important or significant. And if that's so how can a "place" there be real either?

But lately, as I work more with my photographs and spend more time on Flickr and Facebook, and other places, I'm starting to come round to the fact that what we do on cyber space is every bit as real as what we do in what we would be better off calling terrestrial space; i.e. the "real" world.

One thing I've learned from Facebook for example is that the friendships formed there can be as significant or even more so than ones formed in the terrestrial world. I have received a huge amount of support and encouragement from friends (and I do mean friends!) on Facebook. And, I must add, they have from me I hope received the same. I have learned much from people there and that's been a huge good in my life.

So, anyway, back to my website. While I might accept that a website is a real place; just as real as a gallery in my local town; just as real as a store on the street in my town, I also know that one website among the billions now on the web is going to be a pretty lonely place unless people know it's there.

And that's where this post comes in, at least partly. Once you read this post, you will know it's there. Then you can visit and enjoy my images, perhaps even buy something there. But for me your enjoyment and edification is the key thing. If I am very fortunate, you will like my site and recommend it to friends.

One thing I will say is that I have been just as thrilled by the 'opening' of my website as I would have been had I opened a shop in the town. Actually, I would say I am even more excited: now there are millions of people who might have a chance to see my work, whereas I live in a small town with quite a few less people passing through. Not to mention having to be there all day every day!

I have approached my site with the same sense of purpose, commitment and care as I do with the rest of my work. I have done and continue to do the best I can to make a visit there as pleasant as enjoyable as I can.

So, my friends, please visit my site and do enjoy the experience. I would love to hear what you think! Oh, I guess it would be good if I gave you the address wouldn't it? That way you might actually be able to find your way there!!

Just click here and you will be taken as if by magic to Paul's Pictures.

I very much look forward to  your comments and feedback.

Thank you and Peace to you all