Saturday, November 29, 2014

BUS STATION MISSIONARY: A man with a message

Bus Station Missionary (Adelaide Australia November 2014)

This is Roger. I made this photograph yesterday at the bus station just near where we are staying. Just after this moment, Roger looked up and waved. So I went up and introduced myself, and asked him what this was all about.
He told me that he spends most of his free time travelling to various parts of the city on a kind of circuit.
"I still work so I don't have a lot of free time," he told me. "But I do what I can." I asked him what kind of reactions he gets from people. Most, it seems just go about their business, while a few choose to connect.
"Everyone's got their own path to follow," was how he answered my questions about why most people just walk on by.
"I have a personal relationship with Jesus and that's my path," he added.
He is on a mission but doesn't preach or shout or even approach people. He is just there with his messages for passersby to read or ignore as they choose.
I told him that there are worse ways to spend one's free time. He is a nice man. I enjoyed talking with him. A gentle man with a message. Not one I would endorse or comment on, but there you are. It's a good thing that we all have paths to follow, and it is a good thing there are people out there to challenge us with their simple presence.
Thanks Roger!
Peace to all

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"No photos please," says the dog in the window.

As you may or may not know, my partner and I are in the Australian city of Adelaide for a few weeks. We've been doing a bit of exploring, but it's not been a great street photography destination for me. Whether it's my mood, or the place, I can't say. Nevertheless, I've been out a few times with mixed results

Yesterday we went for a train ride to the nearby town of Gawler. A pretty town: full of Victorian buildings, heaps of flowers and a really lovely stream lined with parkland and big old trees flowing through the middle of town. So, we went for a walk around and my partner did her thing photographing buildings for her own work. I just tagged along camera in hand, just in case.

Anyway, we came upon this cafe, with the people inside and a dog fast asleep at one person's feet. A perfect opportunity for me. Or so you would think. I made this image:

The Doggie in the Window
Gawler Australia November 2014

Then I thought I would get down for a lower point of view, just to focus more on the dog, who as I said, was fast asleep. Well, as soon as I knelt down and pointed the camera, the dog put its head up, looked at me, stood up, shook itself and walked away with his head turned away from me and my camera.

Again, was it me and my mood? Was it the place? Or was it simply that I startled the dog and he just had to get away? Of course I can't say. I mean I wanted some photos from that place, but perhaps the place and/or the dog didn't want to give me photos of themselves.

You see, for me, street photography is very much a process of sharing, of permission granted by those I photograph, and of respect given by me should that permission be denied. And that goes for not only people, but it seems to apply to places and to animals also. It's a hard thing to explain in words.

Normally, if I make a photo, then I realise the person (or in this case animal) objects in any way, I will delete it either then or later. I've only posted this one as an illustration to this commentary. I am sure the doggie doesn't really mind!

Peace to all.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This Little Dude is Leaving the Frame

Another Oldie but Goodie from March 2013. Made in Melbourne Australia


All Of Us Have Crosses to Bear

Another of my Oldie but Goodie selections. This one from Melbourne Australia August 2011

Monday, November 17, 2014

TWO LIKELY LADS: An oldie but a goodie

Two Likely Lads

A photo made in July 2011 in Amsterdam. Part of my Oldie but Goodie ongoing project