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There are a few ways you can support my work and my vision. However you decide to support me, thank you for being there for me, and I hope you continue to enjoy this blog and my work.

Buy My Work

If you'd like to look at the photographs I have for sale, all you need do is go to the Buy My Work page here. You can purchase prints, greeting cards, canvas prints, framed prints, posters, and even phone covers! My work is available on a few sites, so take your pick, have a good look around and see what takes your fancy. This is one of the best ways you can support me and my work. Thank you!

Donate or Subscribe

Another great way to support me and my vision as I continue working and expanding this blog and the scope of my work as a Street and Social Documentary Photographer. You can choose to make a one off donation of any amount that you think suitable, or you can choose to support me with a set amount of a monthly basis. The base amount for a monthly donation is $1, but the choice of amount is yours. 

My work is guided and driven by a very clear vision, and it's a vision that I take seriously and believe is important. Of course you can discover more about this vision by reading this blog. Another way is to check out my Artist's Statement here. My Who Am I? page here will give you a bit of a bio of my life so far. 

The Donate button is in the right-hand column on the Home page as is the Subscribe button. PayPal makes you use the subscribe button for regular and repeating donations.

Read and Comment on this Blog

If you read this blog on a regular basis you will be going a long way towards supporting me and encouraging me to carry on. And if you comment, then you will really make me happy. I think what I do is all about communicating and of course comments are a good place to start.

Sending Love and other good vibes

This is where it all starts for me. Love and good feelings shared between us all. All that I do is based on love, compassion and empathy. I would like very much to have you all along for the ride!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. And thank you for your support, whatever form it takes. You can be assured that I will continue to pursue my work, spread my vision and posting on this blog as well as other places.

Peace and love to you all


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