Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PICK OF THE WEEK: "No Posh Nails Here" BUT there is more!

No Posh Nails Here by Pauls-Pictures
No Posh Nails Here, a photo by Pauls-Pictures on Flickr.
My Month in Nottingham in England is just about over. Leaving in a week. I know I haven't been what you would call either timely or consistent in my posts lately. Too much going on is my excuse. But, no point in excuses. One must simply keep calm and carry on.
While here (and this is the big news) I traded my Nikon DSLR and two big lenses (and all the bits and pieces that go with it, including a 3.5 kilo tripod) for a Sony Nex 7 and three lenses. Is it lighter? Is it smaller? Well, suffice it to say that in the bag (which itself is a whole kilogram lighter than my old one)  I bought with the extra batteries, cards etc etc, the whole thing weighs less than ONE of my traded in lenses.
But it's an extraordinary camera, this little Nex 7. At first I was having trouble with controls, being used to a big DSLR and all. But now it's coming together very nicely and I love it to death.
I actually feel free. I feel lighter. And I feel I can actually focus on making photos and not on lugging the big gear around all the time (or not lugging it around: it was all becoming too heavy and cumbersome)
I've spent a long long LONG time using SLRs, and I've been a defender of them as being good for street photography. I don't think I will ever go back on that particular opinion. But what I will say is this: I am so happy I've switched. I think I am now embarking on a brand new creative learning curve and who knows what will come from that process?
I think I will have a lot more to say about this switch-over. But right now we are getting ready for the next phase of our never-ending journey, and it seems other things are taking a lot of my energy and brain power (and that resource is quite limited at the best of times). Stay tuned.
Meanwhile, here is an image from an outing yesterday into the city centre of Nottingham.
You see a few of these advertising placards around the town, and, well, I think this one speaks for itself.