Saturday, November 29, 2014

BUS STATION MISSIONARY: A man with a message

Bus Station Missionary (Adelaide Australia November 2014)

This is Roger. I made this photograph yesterday at the bus station just near where we are staying. Just after this moment, Roger looked up and waved. So I went up and introduced myself, and asked him what this was all about.
He told me that he spends most of his free time travelling to various parts of the city on a kind of circuit.
"I still work so I don't have a lot of free time," he told me. "But I do what I can." I asked him what kind of reactions he gets from people. Most, it seems just go about their business, while a few choose to connect.
"Everyone's got their own path to follow," was how he answered my questions about why most people just walk on by.
"I have a personal relationship with Jesus and that's my path," he added.
He is on a mission but doesn't preach or shout or even approach people. He is just there with his messages for passersby to read or ignore as they choose.
I told him that there are worse ways to spend one's free time. He is a nice man. I enjoyed talking with him. A gentle man with a message. Not one I would endorse or comment on, but there you are. It's a good thing that we all have paths to follow, and it is a good thing there are people out there to challenge us with their simple presence.
Thanks Roger!
Peace to all

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  1. Roger seems very nice. Once I met a missionary that after I politely told him I had to get back to work and didn't have time to listen to him, he started saying all sort of 4 letter words to me. I simply walked away. There are many different kind of people around. I appreciate the nice ones. ;-) Helen


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