Monday, November 19, 2012

Three Heroes Visit the Land of Forgotten Angels

We hear a lot about how populations everywhere are ageing. And many of us of course are confronted with this fact as not only parents age but as we ourselves grow older. Another thing we hear a lot about is the lack of services for older people and in many cases the lack of respect and thought given t these people that sometimes reaches the extent of old people not only dying alone but laying undiscovered for months and even years.

The film I am posting here is by three photographers in Singapore who decided they would like to document and publicise how old people live in a retirement home. They hope to raise awareness of the issues associated with ageing and care for older people.

They have called their film Journey into the Land of Forgotten Angels. This is a title I really relate to and respect. It is also a lovely film made with compassion, love, hope and a sense of mission that I can really admire and support So, please watch this short film and share it widely amongst your friends. Oh, and watch for the scene of the front of the retirement home: they have Love printed above the front door. How groovy is that?
Peace to you all.

PS One thing we who are artists could learn from these guys is how powerful our art can be. I know as a photographer that I could do a lot more to highlight social issues, raise awareness and contribute to the sum total of goodness in the world.

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