Monday, January 21, 2013

The Five Levels Of Street Photography: from Juan Jose Reyes

I came across (on Twitter as it happens: I'm spending more time over there these days looking for street photography related stuff) a great blog by Juan Jose Reyes, where he writes about the art and practise of street photography. His latest post is what really attracted me and with his permission I want to share it with you all here.
In the post he discusses what he calls The Five Levels of Street Photography  Juan says that editing is the toughest challenge in street photography. And he's not talking about post processing; he's referring to what pictures to keep and what to throw out. He's come up a process that allows him to judge an image on its emotional and cognitive impact. Five emotions, and five levels of Cognitive Friction. This is an intriguing concept
I won't spoil the post for you by rabbiting on with my own  interpretation of Juan's methods. All I will say is that he has put into words what many of us try to do without a "system" that allows us to be consistent when it comes to editing our own street images.
So, head on over to Juan's blog. Oh, there are a heap of other fascinating posts there as well, so be sure to follow him. Here's the link to 

The Five Levels Of Street Photography

Please enjoy and I hope you get as much from Juan's post as I have and will continue to do as I give it some more thought.
Peace to you all

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