Friday, August 2, 2013

PICK OF THE WEEK: Watching the Chiidren Play

A bit late this week due to internet connection issues, but better late than never as they say!
I have chosen this image as my pick of the week because it shows how in street photography, while there is one element that attracts the photographer's attention, something will sometimes happen to make it a whole other image.
I noticed this lady with the walker and the toys attached to the front and I thought it might make a nice photograph. I was waiting for her to turn so I could get a view of her face, and suddenly there were kids running through the fountain right next to her.
And that was the moment I pushed the shutter button. I think it's a far better photograph than the "static" view of the lady and her decorated walker I had at first envisioned. It's a moment that is full of movement, of joy and fun. It even speaks of the hot weather!
I guess you call these moments serendipitous: they just happen! They are "ordinary" and pass quickly, most often without us noticing.
Well, I noticed.

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