Sunday, December 29, 2013

Strangers in a Park: The Universal Tale of all Cities

Strangers in a Park by Pauls-Pictures
Strangers in a Park, a photo by Pauls-Pictures on Flickr.
I've been back in Perth for a week or so and have managed to get out on the streets a couple of times already. It's a lovely city: great architecture (ranging from Victorian colonial to postmodern skyscrapers advertising for all to see the brashness and go ahead nature of the place), nice parks, friendly people and overall it's a nice place to spend time in.
But, a city is a city. And a city can be a lonely place as many of us know. This one doesn't appear to bre an exception: it seems to have its share of people alone, maybe even more than its share. Still, being on the western edge of the continent, I think it is a place of last and sometimes lost hope for many. The end of the line. There is no further you can go.
Now, in this image, we can't say that these two people have reached any kind of low point of loneliness. All we can say for sure, is that they are alone in a park. One appears to be a tourist looking at her map or brochure. The other is simply sitting on a bench. More than that we can't say.
However, coming across the scene I was struck by the lonely "feel" of the situation. Two people alone in a small park near the city CBD. Perhaps they are lonely; perhaps they are perfectly content just as they are and simply enjoying the heat and sunshine on a lovely day in the park.
That is the mystery and the beauty of street photography. The viewer will take away from a photo what they will. We resonate with a scene and it reminds us of something or somewhere, or invokes for us a feeling of loneliness or an emotion. A reaction of some kind at least.
A photo is supposed to tell stories. For me, this one does. Many different stories in fact.
Just as I like it.


  1. Love this type of photography alongside mountain landscapes, it's so honest and as you stated there could be various stories adapted to it, I am just a keen amateur, but really like the symmetry in this picture, buildings in the background, the wall and supporting pillars, then the two trees which seem to frame the two subjects.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I had just got off the bus and there it was!


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