Monday, January 6, 2014

Ode to the Isle of Thanet: A Street Photography Slideshow

For most of the winter of 2012/13 I lived on the Isle of Thanet, in Margate to be exact. Due to the cold, I wasn't out on the street that much, but I worked when I was able and when I was in the right mental space. Thanet is a beautiful area, but down on its luck as "they" say. Decaying infrastructure, increasingly scarce social and other services and a general lack of energy, will or attention on the part of government, all have led to the area being very depressed. So, a lovely part of the world, full of people who deserve better is being allowed to decay. This slideshow of images made while I was there is dedicated to all the people of Thanet, including my son who lives there too.


  1. Love the montage, Paul! Nice with Debra Harry (Blondie)!

    1. Thank you YeLately I've come o like Blondie more than ever. Actually the opening sound is on their song Out in he street. I love that song!


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