Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PICK OF THE WEEK: Colour: It's all around you, but you have to see it!

Ubud Market Colour (Ubud Bali Indonesia March 2014)

Twice today I've had colour mentioned to me. Nothing unusual in that you might say: after all I am an artist. But, these mentions were quite specific and really hit home because as you know by now, we're in Bali.
  As we walked around this lovely village of Padangbai, my partner said something to the effect of: "We mustn't become so used to the beautiful colours here that we stop seeing them." And then, later, an online friend commented on a photograph posted from here: "Those beautiful vibrant colours, just how I imagined Bali to be"
   Firstly, Bali is an extraodinary colour filled place. The many and varied greens of the jungle and rice paddies, the many types of palms, the emerald green of the tropical seas. Then there is the really striking powder blues of the skies: I've never really seen skies quite like them. And this is saying nothing of the wonderful colours and fabrics worn by many of the people, especially when it comes time for ceremonies and temple worship.
    These two comments on colour got me thinking how easy it is for us to become blasé to our surroundings and in particular how indifferent we can so easily become to the colours in our environment.
    We do this all the time as we go about our daily affairs. No time or energy to notice colour, too much to do and so little time. So, you might think when we go on holidays, when we take a vacation, that we have a little more time, even a little more inclination to notice the colours around us.
     Well, it's a nice theory, but I think it isn't always that simple. After all, when we're on vacation, we bring ourselves and our habits along with us. And it's still quite easy to quickly become accustomed to our surroundings to the extent of failing to notice colour or other elements of this new environment. I do try not to ever become indifferent, but even the artist in me sometimes gets so used to what's around me that I can stop seeing.
     Ubud, as you will know if you read my blog post about the town, was a noise and traffic nightmare. When one is in a town where it's almost impossible to hear one's own thoughts, where it is dangerous to walk on the sidewalks and where the noise and chaos is almost maddening,  then maybe it's quite understandable that one fails to notice colours or other striking elements of one's surroundings.
     But, the truth is, I still managed to see something of what was there; I still saw some colour. So, this week's Pick is just that: colour. A market stall full of extraordinary colours.
    It takes great efforts sometimes to take in our surroundings, to notice the colours that surround us. Like this market stall. I'm glad I didn't miss it.
Now, I share it with you.

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