Friday, July 18, 2014


Gardener at Rest (Kuching Malaysia July 2014)

Okay, I know it's not been that long since I declared burnout. But, somehow things have changed and I feel a renewed sense of commitment to my work and to actually getting out there and sharing moments and making photographs.

We moved from Georgetown on Penang a couple of days ago and we are now settled into a hotel with a wonderful view of the Sarawak River in the city of Kuching, which is in the state of Sarawak. And Sarawak, friends, is on the third largest island in the world, Borneo. Imagine? I am on Borneo. Jungle, exotic river life, and orangutans (though we won't be seeing them due to the dodgy nature of the centers "caring" for them here. Seem to be just overhyped and tacky tourist ventures to us with no "rehabilitation" happening.

So, what have I been up to while I was on my little break from street photography? Well, to be completely honest, I have made a few street images here and there, in passing you might say. Mostly I've just been exploring and soaking up the vibe of where we are. I have made some photos of the temples we've visited. I rather like them (the temples and the photos), so maybe you will too. So, here are a few of them for your viewing enjoyment.

Oh, before I go. What makes me think I'm back? Well, just taking my camera out today as we went looking for lunch and then to the museum, I found myself "seeing" photographs all over the place. In the end, I only made one, and there it is above. Anyway, it's good to be back. Perhaps I will put together a post just devoted to the whole "having a break" idea. We'll see. So, here are a few of my temple images. Enjoy!

 Demon or Guardian?(Kek Loc Si Temple Penang Malaysia July 2014)

 Dharma Wheel and the Bodhisatva Deers (Kek Loc Si Temple Penang Malaysia July 2014)

Secular or Sacred (Georgetown Penang Malaysia July 2014)

 Guardian Tiger and Her Cub (on a temple door Georgetown Penang Malaysia July 2014

And for the last image, here is one of the street photos that leapt out and grabbed me even though I wasn't really thinking about street photography that day

 It's Rude to Point in Penang (Georgetown Penang Malaysia July 2014)

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