Thursday, August 21, 2014


On Sunday I bought a fuji xt1 and the 35mm 1.4 lens. It’s a beautiful camera and the lens is so wonderful.

Today, on only my second outing with it, I was about to check the times on the bus stop for a FIVE minute ride to the train station (I was too tired to walk!). I heard someone to the side of me yelling at me, I turned and at the same time must have twisted my feet around because I caught my right foot on the curb and fell on the road. 

I had the camera on a wrist strap and it smashed against the ground and as if in slow motion I saw the lens bounce off. I even saw one of the really TINY screws roll away. They say these types of things can make you think it’s all happening in slow motion and you can see even minute details.

Anyway, the lens was torn from its mount (which stayed on the camera and saved the sensor I think) and the connecting electronic tape thingy broke. The body seems okay though the power switch smashed and there are some marks, But who knows what’s happened inside?

For me this is a huge problem. I really risked a lot to get the camera (I don't have work and no income at all at the moment except for the odd photo sale). No idea how much repairs will be but it will be a lot I am sure.

I am devastated by this and can’t help it. The person who yelled is mentally ill, so I don't blame him. As I looked at my watch before checking the bus times he yelled “What are you looking at your watch for?”. I know it sounds weird, but that’s what happened. What he'd said only registered after I was on the ground and crying. I couldn't believe it. He carried on yelling and threatening me as I lay there and even after we all got on the bus.

I know there are worse things, and I’m not complaining, I’m really not, but I am so upset and can't help it. 

But I will follow Fuji’s advice and send it for a quote. Meanwhile I will be without a camera. Again, I am not complaining. I have a LOT of editing to do and a few things to write. It’s just that I was so excited to finally have a camera that was giving me exactly what I wanted from my street photos.

Enough of this. It’s a big deal for me, but in the big scheme of things it’s nothing. And I am sorry for going on about it.

Peace and love to all


  1. oh dang Paul, I am so sorry to read of this mishap. Such a pain. My wife took a spill our first day in Florence this year and smashed her rx100 into the road. So I can really feel your pain. Hope it all sorts out for you.

  2. Paul,

    So sorry to hear about your mishap. I'm glad you weren't injured too badly. Take care of your self.


    1. sorry for the long delay...It's very odd but it's been impossible to post replies here or make comments on other blogs...looks like I MIGHT have fixed it now. been going on too long..driving me nuts lol

  3. Oh no... :-( I'm so terribly sorry to hear this, Paul. What a horrible thing to happen... I hope you get to replace the camera soon. Heartbreaking all the same.

  4. Thank you for your kind word and support. Yes it's been horrible but as I say, it's small thing in the world we're living in today. So I won't complain. I think it will be fixed. And I wasn't hurt badly which is good too.
    thank you again Your words mean a lot to me

  5. Did this resolve to a happy ending?

    1. Thanks for asking James. Well the camera was fine..but they cleaned it and checked it all out. The lens was a write off so i've replaced that..The shop was really good and so helpful and that made all the difference. Now I have it back and happy with it. Sapped my confidence a little though and but it's coming back...being much more careful with my footing now..a lesson in being fully present thanks friend!


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