Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Will Love You Till I Die: A slideshow for lovers everywhere

Quite a while back I made a slideshow of couples. Well, I've actually made a number of shows which feature some of the many photos I have of couples on the streets. But this one is one of my particular favorites because it was, I think, the first. Also the soundtrack I chose is a song from The Seekers, one of the great folk bands. The song is The Carnival is Over and is one of the most human of all folk (or for that matter of any other genre) songs of all time.

I suddenly decided to repost the slideshow today. Why? Umm. Well, no special reason. Just because I suppose, it is about lovers and love and loss and those things that live within all of us, but sometimes are a bit hard to find.

So, this is dedicated to lovers everywhere, and to love. Please enjoy. And, if you would like, please subscribe to this blog. It would be an honor to have you on board

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