Monday, November 9, 2015

Not so Well Hidden in the Suburban Jungle: When Camouflage isn't Camouflage

Not So Well Hidden in the Suburban Jungle
(Armidale NSW Australia November 2015)

I'm not a fan of camouflage, of the literal or the metaphorical kind. If you need camouflage, then you are trying to hide, trying to disguise yourself. But, I make no judgement here: I mean we are all prone to hiding something from someone at times aren't we?

Anyway, yesterday I was walking on the street leading to the centre of the small town we're staying in right now. And, I spotted this car parked outside some shops. Not a common sight, you might agree: a camouflaged 4x4 in suburbia. So, I made a couple of photos because it's such an unusual sight. Also, I liked the contrast with the shopping trolleys against this strange looking vehicle.

I then moved in to have a closer look, being the curious character that I am. The guy in the photo saw me, so I said hello.

'I bet most people don't see you coming driving this thing?' says I, in my best ironic humorous tone.

'Yeah, 'specially out bush. I park her under a tree and nobody sees me,' he replied.

We laughed, wished each other a good day and I walked on. Hey wait, you might be asking, why didn't you find out some more of his story? Well, the truth is, the guy must want his privacy. And if you are going to drive a truck like that, well, what's there to tell?


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