Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hey, I'm Lookin' At You: A Multi-Part Review of Henri Cartier-Bresson Part 3 AND Part 4

There are two Cartier-Bresson images discussed in this post. In a strange way, not designed, they seem to be a complimentary pair. However, now let us return to the text of this review.

Again, in the image of two men peeking through a screen, precise composition is key. Strong verticals contrasting with the horizontal line of the screen, lead the eye to the man on the right as he realises he has been caught peeking: the decisive moment.

In Alicante, the second image above, we see another private moment occurring in a public place. Again, tight framing focuses attention on the body language of the subjects, which, along with the camera’s close range, draws us into the scene.

This photo, too, clearly demonstrates the capture of the decisive moment: Anticipation of a precise moment in time, and an intuitive grasp of when all spatial elements are ‘just right’

There is one final part to this review, which will be in a future post.
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