Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pick of the Week: Pucker Up and Pose for a Self Portrait

This week I post my first image from my Netherlands adventure. And it's a great example of how being fully present, "in tune" if you like, with your environment will help produce better street photography.
I saw this woman posing for her own camera phone. So, I quickly made a photo. It wasn't till later, on my laptop screen, that I noticed she had her lips all puckered up. And for me it is that expression that really makes this photograph.
Coincidence? Some would call it that. But, for me, I believe we see much on a sub conscious level only, and if we are really fully present, fully "in tune" and what I like to say "of the street", then we see these small things on that level which causes us to react and take action on the "conscious" level.
You see, it happens all the time. Too often to dismiss as mere luck or coincidence.
Try it and see. Just being is the key, not expecting, not waiting, not struggling. Just being there and in the now as they say.
Peace my friends

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