Thursday, July 18, 2013

Street Photography - How I see the world: Wonderful insights & advice from Adam Moore

You know, I sometimes think I should give up on reading and watching advice from street and documentary photographers: so much depressing, ego driven, "hunting" advice. I can't stand it!
But, then I come across something like this from Adam Moore. Not only is it a beautifully constructed video in its own right, full of extraordinary images, it is also a full of advice and insights into the art of people photography in the street and on the road.
I promise you, you will be inspired, as I have been. I'm about to watch it again, and you will want to as well.! I hope to share what Adam calls a "more informative version" (this one's pretty informative mind you!)) when it becomes available.
I suggest that anyone with a serious desire to improve their skills while in the street and photographing people, needs to watch this video and reflect carefeully won what they will learn here.
So, thank you Adam, for permission to share your work here. And, dear reader, please enjoy!

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