Sunday, May 18, 2014

BIG NEWS!!! My first ebook is out!

This image my friends is the cover of the first ebook of my photographs. It is co-authored with a wonderful New York poet Bina Gupta. I don't want to brag, but it's only been out in the world for a couple of days now and already it is doing really rather well. And I am so grateful for that.

Just so you know what it's all about, here is the promotional description from one of the places it's listed with:
Born from a meeting on social media,Talking Pictures: Poemlets & Moments from the Street is the result of a collaboration between Paul Donohoe, a Social Documentary and Street Photographer, and Bina Gupta a poet and writer. Paul posted his street photos online and Bina began commenting on them. Her succinct and insightful observations added much to the story telling power of the photographs. These observations take various forms: small poetic verses sometimes, other times simply a little quote (her invention of course!) in the voice of the subjects in the photograph. Bina's words demonstrate a fine-tuned ability for observing humanity with compassion and empathy, while Paul's photographs are a celebration of humanity in its beauty and its flaws. Witty, full of charm and often mysterious, this is a book that will bring a smile to many, a tear to some and give pause for reflection to all.
So, there you are. It's a great event for us and I hope for many others too who will see the book. We are proud of the end result. It's been a great privilege collaborating with Bina on this project. She really is a fine poet and short story writer. You really should check her site for some great poetry and stories. 

If you would like a copy, it is for sale at a very small price of $US2 right here.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of me and my work. It's made all the difference.


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