Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PICK OF THE WEEK: Some news!

Waiting on City Steps (Lisbon June 2013)

I know, I know, I missed the Pick of the Week last week. But I have a good reason. Really. You see,  I've been working very hard on putting together an ebook. My first actually. Well, not just mine: it's a collaboration with a friend in New York City and it's been in the works for a year or so now. But, just lately the time seemed to be right, and the thing just came together, almost of its own accord.

What's the book about? Well it's a collection of my street photos alongside little poems, quotes and other insightful words from my friend. Who, by the way, is a truly exceptional poet and keen observer of the human condition.

But, the book is not quite ready to be born and sent out into the world on its own. In the meantime, this week's Pick is the image that, for now, is on the cover. I thought it rather appropriate as the book is really about reflections on people, on relationships. Well on life really. And, here in this photograph, a woman does seem to be deep in thought as she sits on steps in Lisbon.

So, please stay tuned for the book. It's going to be in PDF format so will be easily accessible for everyone and on all devices. I'm excited by the project, as is my co-author. I hope you will be too.


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