Sunday, June 1, 2014

Paul's Pictures Lands in Melbourne

Hello friends from Melbourne Australia. We arrived the day before yesterday and are gettng nice and settled into our house and cat sitting assignment. A lovely cat called Freddy, she is starting to come closer and sniff us out a little more. Patience is a virtue, not least with cats.

Of course we've been to Melbourne before, but only for a few days at a time. This will be our first longer term stay (unless you count the year or so after my birth that I spent here. I don't!) and this gig is four weeks. After that we're looking to stay here for a couple more months, but let's wait and see what turns up.

For me the main attraction of this city is the amazing street photography opportunities that one can find here. It's a friendly city with a busy but attractive centre. It has also many vibrant suburbs, many with their own character and unique culture.

I haven't' taken my camera out yet; it usually takes a couple of days to settle in and get various chores and jobs done. I am thinking Tuesday or Wednesday will be day one for my adventures in this wonderful place. Meanwhile, here's a photograph made in Melbourne just before flying to Europe in December 2012.


The Unbearable Loudness of Body Language (Melbourne December 2012)

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