Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PICK OF THE WEEK: Lisbon revisited

Concentrating Couple (Lisbon May 2013)

No, sadly I am not actually back in Lisbon. What I am doing is revisiting my work from my ten weeks there last year. Imagine. A year has gone by since I made this photo. Hard to believe sometimes. But, it's been a good year and the trip goes on!

I was very busy during our stay in Lisbon. I was on the street pretty much most days. Not every day: after all even I have a day off sometimes and there are things to see and do there that didn't involve street photography. But, yes; most days I was out walking with my camera. What a city to be in; what a city for street photography. An interesting aside: my friend John Free the well respected and greatly gifted social documentary and street photographer, is in Lisbon right now conducting workshops. Can't wait to see the photos he makes there.

Anyway, this week's pick is a bit of a favorite. I like this couple for some reason. They seem to engrossed in whatever it is they're reading. I was tempted to leave this one in color; the guy's tattoos are pretty bright and stand out. In the end that's why I converted to black and white. I wanted the eyes of the viewer (that's you!) to be drawn to the two people themselves. I hope it works.

Meanwhile, I will get back to my Lisbon images. See what else I can find.


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