Monday, September 8, 2014

COME SHINE OR RAIN: Friends Share a Joke on the Street

Come Shine or Rain (Georgetown Malaysia July 2014)

Walking around downtown Georgetown in Malaysia, I came upon these three friends standing and chatting. It was a very very hot day, and with the intense sun, many people were using umbrellas to shade themselves.

Of course what stood out for me and my camera was the woman on the left who is wearing an umbrella on her dress as well as holding one up for shade. So, naturally, I made a few photographs. Then her friend on the right in the picture, saw me and my camera. She pointed at me as she told her friends. The woman in the umbrella dress turned to me with a questioning look.

I saw your dress and it looked great against the real umbrella.
She smiled but said nothing.

Her freind:
What did you say?

I liked her dress

Her friend:

It has an umbrella on it and she's holding an umbrella. It's funny

Her friend heard me but was confused. By this time I had reached the spot where they stood and I pointed at the dress and the umbrella. Both the friends looked at the dress and started pointing and laughing. What they said I don't know, as it was in Malay. But they were really having a good laugh, pointing at the dress then the umbrella and generally enjoying teasing their friend.

At this stage I discreetly withdrew with a thank you and a smile leaving the friends to share the joke

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