Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Will Love You Till I Die: A Street Photography Slideshow

Back in November 2012 I put together a slide show of photos from an ongoing project called Two's Company. This project is about photographing on the street two people or perhaps a person and a pet, but who are actually together. Might be two lovers, two friends, a parent and child, a child and his or her dog. You name it; as long as there are two people together, then it goes in this project's folder.

A kind of subset of this project is when the photo depicts a moment with two people who are actually a couple or who appear to be. And it is these moments, these photos that make up the slideshow. As a backing track I chose The Carnival is Over sung by one of the greatest folk groups of all time in my opinion: The Seekers. It's heart wrenching and soul enriching music, this song. 

Anyway, here is the slideshow again for your enjoyment. May it give you a moment's pleasure and if it brings a tear to your eye or a warmth to your heart, then I will consider this a good day!


  1. Good morning, Paul. Great slideshow. It brightens my day. Thanks.
    It's also a good way to learn street photographing ;-) One question I have is that when I shoot photos on the street, I usually don't worry about the background. Am I right? Helen

    1. Hello Helen Thank you for your kind words and i am happy you liked the show! I have to admit that this song in one of my all time favourites and I actually enjoy watching this slideshow myself occasionally haha
      About backgrounds. There are different opinions. Some people say that people are just one more element in a scene and you have to take all elements such as b/ground and so on into account. Personally I think more about the people and what they are doing or what they look like. I think that is the best starting point, to focus on the people. It is what I think of as Humanist photography. Over time I think what happens is that you gradually include a kind of "unconscious" thinking about the b/ground and other things in the photo. Just happens automatically. As a part of mjy humanist approach I try to portray the people I photograph in the best possible way I can and that over time as I say will include the scene around them. But yes, first priority is the people. I've written a post here about people as "objects" or "subjects" maybe you will like reading that
      thanks again Helen

    2. Thanks, Paul. I feel better now ;-)
      I have read your post about "objects" or "subjects". Very interesting. I try to use "people", "building"... Etc. I believe it was because of your post ;). Helen


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