Sunday, September 28, 2014

LONELY STREET: Street Photography slideshow of the lonely and alone on the street

The 'street' is often referred to as a 'lonely place' and it can and is that for many people. And not only the people who 'live' on the street, or work on the street or have to spend a lot of time there for one reason or another. It can also be a lonely place for the so-called ordinary person going about their shopping or other regular business. This slideshow is a collection of photographs that seemed to me to speak of loneliness, or aloneness. Of course in many instances it's not always possible to know for sure what emotions the people photographed are experiencing, but in all these photographs there is a sense of alone, or lonely; as with all good street photography, these images will I think elicit an emotional response in the viewer

I first published this video two years ago in August 2012. Thank you for watching it this time round.

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